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10 Lessons I learnt in the past year

Photo credits: DivineMethod Photography

Every year, as September begins, I like to spend some time reflecting on the lessons the year has taught me so far. Some quiet introspection made me realize that this past year has been one of the most life-changing ones for me. I've had the opportunity to observe many circumstances in my life that helped me learn lessons that I was meant to learn this year. It put some things into perspective for me and gave me a sense of freedom and acceptance. I hope that some or atleast one of these might help you too.

  1. Don't let the actions of others determine how you feel about yourself. You are worthy, you are enough, you are exactly where you're meant to be. You dont have to prove yourself to anyone. Your current circumstances are present to teach you lessons for your growth. As long as you stay true to who you are, you are going to be ok.

  2. Don't place the weight of your self-worth, value and acceptance on someone else. They will view you from the lens of their knowledge, upbringing and wounds - not for who you truly are. Only you know and should identify your value and worth. Always seek approval, safety, security and validation from within. Not others.

  3. Listen to your heart, not your ego when choosing partners. You won't regret choices made from your heart. Never choose a partner based on societal standards or pressure. Decisions made from the ego will only satisfy you temporarily.

  4. A partner can't make you feel complete if you feel incomplete within. You are whole on your own and have to feel that way first. The only role your partner has is to enhance your life, not complete it.

  5. People won't change unless they really want to and that's their choice, not yours. So let go of your expectations of how others should act and focus your energy on yourself.

  6. Always prioritize yourself. You need to create a life just for you. Your work/responsibilities can become someone else's responsibility, your mental health cant.

  7. Always keep your inner child alive and happy. Because that's the part of you that will keep you happy on a daily basis.

  8. Be kind. Don't take your stress out on someone else or project your insecurities on others. It's your problem to deal with. Not theirs.

  9. Love yourself and do things to make yourself happy first. You can't provide for others if you feel empty and drained inside.

  10. What you do with your life is your choice and your responsibility. Only you know what's best for you. A life lived to please or satisfy others is not yours; it belongs to those who have control over you. Don't take others' opinions about your life personally, regardless of how much wiser and experienced they may seem. Everyone's figuring it out as they go. Listen to your heart, and your gut! Learn to live life on your own terms.



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