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Imitation is the sincerest of flattery

We create our identity from 2 sources.

One that comes from within; based on our beliefs, insecurities, our genetic structure and the astrological nature of our time of birth. Another source is the bits and pieces we pick up from our environment. We find admirable traits in others and choose to imitate it and incorporate it into our behavioural traits, almost claiming it as our own.

I've noticed that when someone decides to imitate something you do, its very rare for them to openly appreciate it before starting to claim and follow it as their own. It often starts with envy of how admirable that trait is, then observing how it benefits you and in some cases, even putting you down for having that trait only to then incorporate it into their own behavior. Especially if it has brought you any sort of attention or appreciation. The truth is, people are always noticing the things you do and will pay extra attention when it gets you the attention they crave. They just choose not to admit it or will point it out as a shortcoming. Its your choice to own every part of who you are and continue being yourself regardless of what they say. Because being your true self is effortless to you. Its who you are. But it requires effort for someone else to imitate something that comes so naturally to you. Claim every part of who you are with confidence and let everyone else wonder what your secret ingredient is!


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