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Give yourself that pep talk you need

Let’s be real - with the way things are in the world, we could all do with a pep talk right? I’m writing this post because I know I needed it.

As much as we would all like a life coach, motivational speaker or someone by our side who constantly makes us feel better, it's not a realistic thing to have. Because every motivational speaker or positive person has days when they don’t feel their best too. We do have quick fixes that can help at times. For example, YouTube gives us the access to any motivational speaker we need, anytime we want. Or we can find the best podcasts to help us get through a funk. But, relying on motivational talks, self-help books and wisdom from others all the time makes you forget that YOU have the ability to motivate yourself too. What if you weren’t able to access your usual source of motivation one day? Who would you rely on? You would have to find the motivation within. As unrealistic as it may sound, it’s possible.

You have the ability to give yourself the pep talk you need because you’re the only one who knows your strengths, your struggles and what you’ve overcome so far. Once in a while, look to yourself for the motivation you need. Sometimes, this could mean thinking back to a time when you felt your happiest or things seemed better in your perspective. What was your mindset then?

I remember hearing Priyanka Chopra Jonas mention that regardless of the many movies she had done in Bollywood, or the numerous awards and recognition she received in India, she was extremely nervous and had a lot of self doubt before her audition in Hollywood for her role in Quantico. And guess how she overcame it? She excused herself at auditions, went to the nearest washroom, looked at herself in the mirror and gave herself the pep talk she needed. And sometimes that’s what you need - to look yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself like you would talk to a best friend or loved one when they are going through a low. When someone we love is at their lowest, we are so good at motivating them. Yet when we are going through a low, we focus more on what we’re failing at or on our flaws rather than focusing on our strengths and our ability to overcome what we’re going through.

Every low phase we experience in our life will pass. Because we know we’ve been there before. We know what it felt like to have a downfall and eventually overcome it. And if you feel like you’ve been experiencing a low phase for a long time (not including the effects of the pandemic), it could mean that you have been repeating a behavior that keeps you feeling down rather than changing things up which then changes how you feel. Or, you might be paying more attention to the negative aspects of what’s been going on rather than focusing on little things to be grateful for. And it could be the simple thought of being glad to have another day to overcome whatever you're going through. If you feel like you can't handle it for one more day, remember that you were given a chance to live another day because you have the strength to pull yourself out of your challenge.

There are two important aspects that I usually follow when I give myself a pep talk. (PS Im still learning!) Firstly, I imagine what it would feel like to get past the funk I’m in and visualize the outcome I want. And I constantly remind myself that I will get there and it will happen as long as I stay persistent. And secondly, I repeat one of my favorite phrases - this too shall pass. It's a quote that always keeps me grounded and does not let success or failure get to me. If you’re experiencing success, reminding yourself that this too shall pass will let you enjoy the moment for what it is and stay present. On the other hand, reminding yourself that this too shall pass when you experience failure will give you the motivation that this phase will soon be over.

I will do the honour of giving you a little pep talk just this one time ;)

Let this be a reminder that you’re capable of overcoming whatever you are experiencing at this moment. You’ve been here before and might go through it again but one thing that will remain consistent is your ability to pick yourself back up. Everyone goes through these phases so don’t be hard on yourself. Continue staying true to yourself. There’s a lesson behind the challenge you’re currently experiencing so spend some time reflecting on what that lesson might be. And once you’ve learnt that lesson, you will focus on being grateful for overcoming your challenge rather than focusing on why you had to go through it. This too shall pass. You got this!


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