Pink & Gold Simple Minimalist Clean Spri

அருள்சேர்ந்த நெஞ்சினார்க் கில்லை இருள்சேர்ந்த இன்னா உலகம் புகல்.


They will never enter the world of darkness and wretchedness whose minds are the abode of kindness.

 குறள் 243: / Kural 243

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When was the last time you experienced a certain emotion or feeling, assuming you were the only one dealing with it? Or felt a certain mood without understanding the root cause of it?


The purpose of Palm Roots has always been to use the arts to strengthen our Thamizh roots and promote inclusivity in our community. 

Over the past two years, my interest in finding ways to heal our community has strengthened and taken me on a journey of self discovery. With this blog, I hope to share my thoughts and knowledge on aspects of holistic wellness including mental health, nutrition, philanthropy and create avenues for our community to heal and understand the effects of unhealed generational wounds from the past.

The effects of the civil war has passed on through generations in mysterious ways, giving us certain behavioural traits and wounds that need to be addressed and understood. Its our responsibility to make sure that generations in the future don't carry on these wounds and learn to heal themselves and those around them.  

Jananie Baskaran