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Sandalwood + Fir + Spices - மனதில் உறுதி வேண்டும்

மனதில் உறுதி வேண்டும் (Let My Thoughts Be Firm & Unwavering) 


In Ayurveda, sandalwood is believed to stimulate the Seventh Chakra, improving feelings of trust, enthusiasm, energy, and self-esteem. It is known to calm your mind/body and put you in a meditative state where you can find inner peace. Because of these qualities, it is known to be a natural healing option for those who may have anxiety, nervousness, and depression. 


I added the quote "Manadhil Urudhi Vendum" to give you a reminder to trust yourself, stay firm in what you believe and never doubt your instincts due to external influences.  A great addition to your work or creative space for a reminder any time you have an unsettling thought running through your mind.  


Size: 8-ounce jars 

Benefits of Soy candles:  Eco-friendly, vegan, lasts longer, 90% less soot, which usually causes indoor pollution. 

Sandalwood + Fir + Spices - மனதில் உறுதி வேண்டும்

  • You have to let that candle burn the first time!  Make sure that you let the soy candle wax (the melted liquid part) burn all the way to the edges of your container.  In doing this, you will ensure the best burn for your candle.  If this is not done, there is a good chance that the wax will tunnel and not melt all the way to the edge for future burns.  We suggest burning your candle 2-3 hours each time you light it.  

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